Dental Extractions in Harrisburg

The Benefits of Dental Extractions in Harrisburg

Here at Afton Dental, we believe in using preventative oral health measures. However, there are times when it is impossible to save an adult tooth that has become decayed or infected. Tooth extractions are the only options for some of our patients who are suffering from pain and inflammation. Our dentists, Dr. Bryan Hill have treated many patients and see the benefits of this final option for oral health success.

What Is a Tooth Extraction Near Me

The team at Afton Dental tries to protect the permanent teeth of our patients. We work with our patients to find solutions that leave as many of their permanent teeth in place as possible. Some oral health problems are too large for a tooth to be saved by our experienced team members. Tooth extractions become the only solution at these times. An extraction is completed using local anesthesia. Specialist tools are used during extractions to loosen a tooth before it is extracted.

What Are the Reasons for Dental Extractions?

There are several reasons to explore tooth extraction near me, including:

  • A crowded smile
  • Wisdom tooth issues
  • Decaying teeth
  • Gum Disease
  • Trauma

Dr. Hill are experts in dental extractions and complete them as part of a treatment plan.

Get Rid of Pain With Tooth Extractions Near Me

The main concern for our dentists and our patients in Harrisburg is to limit the pain of each individual. A toothache can cause problems beyond the gums. An infection can pass to different areas of the body and cause long-term damage. The removal of an infected and decaying tooth provides immediate relief from the pain and inflammation it has caused.

Dental Extractions Provide Relief for Overcrowded Smiles

At Afton Dental, we see a range of oral health issues among our patients. One of the issues we see is the problem of an overcrowded smile. The eruption of permanent teeth and wisdom teeth can cause pain for patients. Tooth extractions can help provide the space needed for a patient's teeth to erupt freely.

Tooth Extractions Near Me Protect Your Teeth

Patients arriving at our offices have often waited to visit our dentists until an infected tooth has caused damage to those around it. A spreading infection can be halted by dental extractions halting the spread of the infection into the surrounding teeth.

Tooth extractions at Afton Dental help protect your smile and reduce pain. Call Afton Dental today to discuss the benefits of tooth extractions with our dentists.