Dental Bridges in Harrisburg

Dental Bridges in Harrisburg Provide a Great Solution

Dental bridges are one of the top solutions for missing or badly damaged teeth. Our dentist at Afton Dental, Dr. Bryan Hill, have years of experience with these devices. Bridges span the gap in your smile from a missing tooth or teeth. The bridge is composed of gum-colored material with artificial teeth made of porcelain, resin, ceramic or metal. Usually, the bridge anchors to healthy teeth on either side of the gap, which are called abutment teeth. The artificial teeth, called pontics, are supported on at least one and usually two sides.

Dental Bridges Near Me

At Afton Dental, we work hard to foster a family-friendly atmosphere with all the latest advanced dental equipment. Each member of our team works hard to earn your trust and support by educating you about your dental options. There are three major types of dental bridges:

  1. Traditional: Dr. Hill will create custom crowns for the abutment teeth on either side of the missing teeth. These crowns anchor the bridge for permanent strength and security. This is the most popular type of bridge, and it’s made of porcelain fused to ceramics or metal.
  1. Cantilever bridges: These bridges are used when there is only one side available to anchor the missing teeth. The technique isn’t recommended for back teeth, which often perform a forceful grinding action that can displace or damage other teeth.
  1. Maryland bonded bridges: These use the basic structure of a traditional bridge but don't require dental crowns. The assembly uses a metal or porcelain framework to anchor the teeth. The framework might be visible but not highly noticeable with porcelain framework. These bridges provide greater cost value for those on a tight budget.

Dental Bridges Near Me: Another Option

At Afton Dental, we also offer a fourth option for dental bridges. It involves adding dental implants below the gum to anchor the bridge. Our dentist provide this procedure, which most experts consider state-of-the-art. Attaching the bridge to dental implants provides the most secure bite while the dental screws maintain the health of the underlying bone by exercising and stimulating it.

Other Alternatives for Missing Teeth

We provide all the standard dental solutions, which include full and partial plates, resin bridges and dental implants. Dental implants are considered the best option, and after Dr. Hill installs the implants, you get a perfect crown that matches your natural teeth in color, shape and function. Individual implants are required for each tooth, but the result works and appears most natural.

Resin-retained bridges often feel more comfortable and less invasive than a fixed bridge. These are removable bridges for areas that receive less force, like the front teeth. They are considerably less expensive.

Dental Bridges Near Me: Full or Partial Plate

At Afton Dental, we also prepare full or partial removable plates, which are generally called dentures. Although dentures are fully functional, they’re less durable than a fixed bridge or dental implant. They consist of plates molded to the shape of your gums with artificial teeth made of resin, porcelain, ceramics or metal. These are one of the most affordable tooth-replacement options. If you choose a partial plate, there will usually be metal wires that attach to healthy natural teeth for added stability.

Scheduling an Appointment for Dental Bridges Near Me

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