Customized Invisalign Near Me in Harrisburg

If you're dealing with a crooked smile, you may have considered getting braces. However, they can be bulky and highly visible. Fortunately, you have another option known as Invisalign. This is a multi-step straightening system that utilizes clear aligners to minimize its visibility to those around you.

How Does Invisalign Work?

Invisalign works to straighten your smile just as braces do. However, instead of using a mechanical setup with bands, it utilizes a series of aligners to alter your smile. Understanding the process of how these are developed can assist you in better understanding what they are.

When you decide to go with this form of treatment, our dentist will take a digital mold of your mouth. This is done via photographs, X-rays, and digital scans that help to depict an accurate model of your teeth. This digital mold is sent to a lab to get your custom aligners designed.

Instead of having one construct, like braces, this system has many different aligners that are utilized over a period of time. The lab will design custom aligners that start from your original smile and slowly alter it to your desired look. Every one to two weeks, you'll need to change out your aligner for the next one in your series.

The Various Benefits of Using Invisalign

Opting for this method of straightening teeth can come with many benefits over using traditional braces. These aligner trays are clear, meaning that they're much less visible than using metal braces. This helps to boost your self-confidence level while straightening your teeth.

Invisalign is a removable straightening solution. This allows you to clean your aligners and have better oral health than those dealing with braces. In addition, aligners can be easily removed when you're eating food, which means much easier cleaning.

Since adjusting your aligners is as simple as switching to the next one in your series, you don't have to schedule as many dental visits. Rather, visits are scheduled for about every six weeks just to check the progress of your teeth to ensure that this system is working appropriately.

Looking for Invisalign Near Me?

If you're convinced that this straightening solution is right for you, you're likely thinking about searching for Invisalign near me. It's important to realize that while this is a convenient straightening solution, it's not always recommended for everyone.

This straightening option is not typically recommended for patients who have overly rotated teeth, dental implants, TMJ disorder, or bridges. In addition, those who suffer from severely eroded teeth or those who have overly small teeth may not be the best candidates for this straightening option.

If you're still looking for Invisalign near me, it's time to contact Dr. Bryan Hill at Afton Dental for assistance.