Partial Dentures Can Improve Your Smile and Eating

Do you have issues with chewing? Can your smile be improved? Partial dentures may be the right solution for those who have missing teeth. At Afton Dental, we want to help improve your smile, and adding missing teeth will also allow you to chew your favorite foods again. Find us online with a search for "partial dentures near me." Our dentist, Dr. Bryan Hill have the knowledge and experience to fit you with your partial.

What Are Partial Dentures?

These removable dentures are attached to a metal frame. They are connected to your natural teeth and can fill in where natural teeth are missing. They are made from a resin base and have teeth attached. You may be missing teeth from decay or an accident. Some of your teeth may have needed to be removed. In all these cases, Dr. Hill can fit you with a partial. Partials will make chewing easier and allow for less stress on the other existing teeth.

Clasps usually hold the denture in place. This prevents shifting during eating and speaking.

How do you care for the partial denture? You simply brush it using a brush and gentle cleaner. It must be kept moist in order to fit well when reinserted.

Partial Dentures May Enhance Your Confidence

Having a winning smile does wonders for your confidence. A denture that replaces missing teeth can look natural. It can reflect the color and size of your other teeth. Your smile is how you great the world, so feeling confident is a big plus with friends, family and at work.

Some of the other benefits of partial dentures include the following:

  • Keeps your jaw, mouth and facial muscles engaged
  • Prevents further shifting of teeth
  • Saves natural teeth
  • They are easy to adapt to
  • They are a budget-friendly prosthetic solution

Dr. Hill will customize the denture for your mouth by taking impressions to ensure the partials fit your teeth.

A Search for Partial Dentures Near Me

If you live in the Harrisburg area, a search for "partial dentures near me" will bring you to Afton Dental. We are located at 360 Exchange Street NW, Suite 101. Our caring staff offers affordable and professional dentistry in a comfortable environment.

Contact us to learn more at 704-788-1717. Set up your appointment at Afton Dental today. You can improve your smile with natural-looking teeth.