Halloween Doesn’t Have to Be Scary for Your Smile! 

Halloween Doesn’t Have to Be Scary for Your Smile!

Halloween is just around the corner, with its spooktacular treats and ghoulish confections. But don’t let the spooky sweets scare you away from smiling and enjoying the holiday! Our team at Afton Dental is here to help you and your family safeguard your smiles with the following Halloween dental tips. 

Maintain Good Oral Hygiene Practices

Halloween comes along once a year, but every smile needs good care every day. Encourage your family members to brush at least twice a day and floss daily. Avoid brushing your teeth right after an acidic treat, which can soften your tooth enamel. Instead, rinse thoroughly with water and brush after about 30 minutes to give your tooth enamel time to remineralize and build itself up. 

Be Picky About What You Eat

If you’re giving out Halloween candy or want to indulge in a sweet treat, consider chocolate over sticky, gummy, or sour candy. Chocolate is quick to melt, unlike chewy or gummy treats, which linger in every groove or crevice of your teeth, increasing your risk of cavities. Steer away from sour candies, which contain high sugar levels and are acidic, posing a double threat to your smile.

Time Your Treats

Avoid snacking or grazing on Halloween treats all day long. The longer your teeth are exposed to sugar, the worse the damage is to your smile. The best time to eat sugary snacks is with or after a meal. That’s because your salivary glands are most active around mealtimes, producing saliva that helps wash away debris and neutralize acids. Timing your treats right can minimize the damage to your smile. 

Support a Good Cause

If your little one comes home with an impressive amount of Halloween candy, enjoy some treats, but set limits. Maybe you can all indulge in sweet treats for a day or two, then find a good cause to support. Many non-profit organizations will gladly accept your leftover candy to support their missions.

Visit Afton Dental Care

Don’t forget to schedule dental checkups for you and your family members this spooky season. Routine dental exams and cleanings help lower the risk of tooth decay, gum disease, and oral health problems. They also allow us to uncover dental issues as they develop, preventing them from advancing and requiring extensive treatments down the road. 

Preventive Dental Care Near Me in Concord, NC

Contact Afton Dental in Concord, NC, for tips on how to make Halloween a less scary time for your family’s oral health. Dr. Hill and his team encourage you to follow the above suggestions to ensure you maintain fang-tastic, healthy smiles this Halloween and throughout the year! We invite you to call us at 704-788-1717 to schedule your twice-yearly dental exam and cleaning today!