A Therapy Dog in Our Office? Here Is What You Should Know

A Therapy Dog in Our Office? Here Is What You Should Know

At Afton Dental, we pride ourselves on providing our valued patients with exceptional care in a comfortable environment. One of our special team members takes this commitment to a whole new level. Born in 2020, our dedicated dental therapy dog, Warby, comes with a natural aptitude for developing relationships and forming meaningful connections. Learn all about our unique office member and the joy and comfort she brings to patients of all ages. 

The Early Years

Warby’s story with Afton Dental began when she joined forces with Dr. Hill, developing social skills in our office and community environment around people of all ages and abilities. They went on to complete basic and intermediate obedience training with monumental success. 

Accreditation and Continuing Education

Dr. Hill and his team at Afton Dental proudly follow the Animal Assisted Intervention International (AAII) Standard of Practice and Competencies, maintaining good membership standing. In compliance with the North Carolina Board of Examiners, Dr. Hill, the Afton Dental team, and Warby all participated in continuing education. They were evaluated by an accredited AAII member, allowing them to offer services, including animal-assisted interventions. 

Warby’s Wellness

Warby’s wellness is paramount to our practice. As a low-shed breed, she undergoes regular professional grooming, routine veterinary checkups to ensure public health, and annual evaluations of interactions, obedience, and behavior. Warby is not only our team’s cutest and cuddliest member; she is a gentle companion with excellent manners. 

The Heart of Our Team

Warby is more than just a furry face. She’s a compassionate listener and a source of comfort to our patients and staff. With her gentle spirit and affectionate nature, she has seamlessly integrated into the Afton Family Dental family. 

Warby is unique in everything she does. Not only does she provide comfort and affection, she can hone in on when it’s needed. She’ll sit down patiently, place her head on your lap, or offer her soft fur to provide soothing comfort and remind you that everything will be ok. Warby continues her important work, putting a smile on every face that crosses her path. 

Compassionate Dental Care Near Me in Concord, NC

Warby, the heart and soul of Afton Dental, exemplifies our commitment to providing a unique, stress-free dental experience. Her role goes beyond that of a dental therapy dog. Warby is a valued team member, contributing to the wellness of our patients by creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Dr. Hill and our team believe in the power of compassionate care, and Warby embodies that belief with every wag of her tail! We invite you to call us at 704-788-1717 to schedule your appointment today!