Dentures are false teeth that come in a removable format. They fill gaps where missing teeth are present to give you a more natural-looking smile. Dentures can be designed to be complete or partial. Complete dentures are necessary whenever you don't have any natural teeth left. Partial dentures are for when you still have some natural teeth left.

How Do Partial Dentures Work?

Partial dentures, also referred to as partial bridges, are replacement teeth that are attached to a metal framework. The framework attaches to the existing teeth surrounding the missing teeth via clasps. This type of denture not only helps to fill in those missing teeth, but it's also constructed in a fashion that prevents existing teeth from shifting in the gums.

This type of denture is a great option for patients who still have existing teeth in their jawline. Once installed by our dentist, they can be easily removed by the patient to be properly cleaned. The false teeth of the dentures will provide a natural look similar to your existing teeth.

How Are Partial Dentures Made?

Dentures are not constructed in a single visit. Rather, they take a few weeks to custom manufacture. You can also expect to undergo multiple appointments before finally heading home with your new dentures. Before you start searching for partial dentures near me, it's important to understand the overall process of getting them.

It starts with restoring the functionality of your existing teeth. It's vital that your existing teeth be strong and capable of holding the partial denture in place. Next, Dr. Bryan Hill will make impressions of your jaw. During this process, they'll pick custom colors for your dentures that fit your natural tooth shade and gum shade.

Once the dentures are ready, they're installed. Adjustments may need to be made to allow the denture to fit appropriately in your mouth. It's very common for dentures to feel awkward for the first couple of weeks until your jaw and other mouth muscles adjust to their presence.

Benefits of Partial Dentures Near Me

Getting dentures can provide you with many great benefits. The first and most obvious is a more natural-looking smile. Dentures work to fill those empty spaces where missing teeth were at. Not only do dentures look good, but they allow the mouth to function better. Chewing is going to be easier with dentures than with gaps of missing teeth.

As your jaw adjusts to having dentures, you'll notice that your speech will be clearer. It can be surprising just how big of a role your teeth play in your ability to speak clearly to others. Suddenly, pronouncing words that you struggled with in the past will be a breeze.

If you're looking for partial dentures near me, it's time to call Dr. Bryan Hill at Afton Dental to get the assistance that you need today!