Quality Veneers in Kannapolis

Unfortunately, your teeth can't always be perfect. But with dental veneers, you can give the physical appearance of perfect teeth even if yours are broken underneath. A dental veneer can treat a variety of tooth-related issues including, discoloration, smaller than average teeth, broken teeth, and even chipped teeth.

Understanding What Dental Veneers Are

A dental veneer is a thin, natural tooth-colored shell. It's placed over an existing tooth to enhance the tooth's appearance. You can have just one veneer installed to fix a particular issue, or you can opt for having veneers installed over all of your front teeth.

These false teeth coverings are typically made from a resin or porcelain material, which becomes bonded to the tooth. Once bonded, these teeth coverings are extremely strong and can hold up well against unwanted chipping or cracking. And they're taken care of just like your real teeth are.

Benefits of Veneers

When you research veneers near me and decide to invest in this dental upgrade, it can come along with many great benefits. The first is that it will enhance the overall appearance of your smile. No longer do you have to look at your broken or chipped teeth in the mirror. A veneer will create a perfect smile.

If you're dealing with severe discoloration of some or all of your teeth, these coverings can help. They can provide a more aesthetically pleasing color and appear whiter than your normal teeth. In fact, this type of dental procedure is great for enhancing your smile very quickly and effectively.

Dealing with smaller than average or gap teeth can be a struggle. When you opt for this dental procedure, you can easily remedy these problems. Instead of hiding your smile, you'll be showing it off to everyone around you.

Looking for Dental Veneers Near Me?

Before you contact our dentist, it's best to first understand the entire procedure. This will allow you to know what to expect and put your nerves at ease about the entire procedure. Let's take a look at the various aspects of how a veneer is installed.

When you first decide that a veneer is right for you, our dentist will take a mold of your tooth. This mold is usually sent to an off-site lab that creates a veneer that fits your tooth. It typically takes about one to two weeks to get the finished veneer back.

To start, Dr. Hill will completely clean the tooth so that there are no bacteria below the veneer that can create a problem later on down the road. Next, you'll go through an etching process that helps to rough up the texture of your tooth to enhance the adhesion of the veneer. Once the dental cement is applied by our dentist, the veneer is placed, and a UV light is used to harden the cement quickly.

If you're looking for dental veneers near me, it's time to contact Afton Dental for assistance today! Dr. Hill is happy to help you get your ideal smile.