Dental Bonding in Charlottesville

Reasons for Having Dental Bonding in Charlottesville

Esthetic dental bonding is a process our dentists use to repair chipped and damaged teeth. At Afton Dental, Bryan Hill, DDS, use bonding as a process to address aesthetic problems with a patient's teeth. Our dentists use dental resin to fill gaps and produce a bright smile you can be proud of.

What is Esthetic Bonding?

Our dental bonding process uses resin to address issues with your smile. Reasons to have bonding done include:

  • A chipped tooth
  • Discolored teeth
  • Gaps in your smile

Esthetic bonding uses a resin that can be lightened and darkened to match the natural color of your tooth. Our patients with minor damage to their teeth and no decay are the best candidates for bonding.

Dental Bonding Addresses Minor Problems Only

While this treatment is great for correcting minor flaws, if you have lost a tooth, our dentists will not recommend esthetic dental bonding. A small chip or a discolored tooth will make you a good candidate for a dental bond in Charlottesville. Resin is applied to your tooth and shaped to provide a natural appearance for your smile. Our dentists work the resin to appear as natural as possible and match the color of your natural teeth.

Esthetic Dental Bonding Is an Affordable Option

One of the reasons for the popularity of bonding is its affordability. Completing a dental bond on a single tooth is less expensive than a crown or veneer.

Esthetic Bonding is Completed Quickly

The time and expense of orthodontics are among the reasons why patients delay treatment. Dental bonding can eliminate the cost of the process for our patients. Our dentists will complete a bonding treatment in one or two appointments. The many appointments and return visits to your orthodontist will be eliminated when you choose bonding at Afton Dental.

Esthetic Dental Bonding Is a Safe Option

Our dentists always look for ways to preserve the safety of our patients. Dr. Hill use biocompatible materials to keep you safe from poisonous materials. Esthetic dental bonding can be used to replace unsafe silver fillings for many of our patients.

Afton Dental's team understands the best uses and benefits of esthetic bonding for your smile. Call us to book an appointment or find out more about dental bonding in Charlottesville, VA.