Dental Bridges in Charlotte

Should I Choose Dental Bridges in Charlotte?

Missing or damaged teeth can have a devastating effect on your life. If you are unhappy with your smile, your self-confidence can be affected and damage your life. Missing teeth do not need to be a long-term problem, with a quick search for dental bridges near me leading you to Afton Dental. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Bryan Hill to learn if you are a good candidate for dental bridges.

What Are Dental Bridges?

Bridges are an option Dr. Hill will explore if you have a single or multiple missing teeth. A bridge is an artificial tooth installed around the missing tooth to hide the space in your smile. A bridge is used to install crowns beside the missing tooth to provide support for the false tooth Dr. Hill will install.

The commonly used style of dental bridge is a pontic. Pontics are made of metals or porcelain and attach to crowns on either side of the gap. The other types of dental bridges near me include:

  • Cantilever bridges
  • Maryland bridges
  • Implant supported bridge

Installing Dental Bridges Near Me

Once it has been agreed with Dr. Hill which type of bridge you are receiving, you will start the process of installing the implants. The first step is to prepare the teeth around the missing tooth to get them ready for a crown. A layer of enamel is removed from the teeth on either side of your gap. The next step is for Dr. Hill to take an imprint of the area your bridge will be attached.

Dr. Hill will install a temporary bridge to protect your teeth while waiting for the final bridge. Dr. Hill will make sure your bridge is installed correctly and fits in the right way to ensure you are happy with the fit.

The Benefits of Dental Bridges

For you as a patient, the main benefit of a dental bridge is to hide any gap in your smile. For Dr. Hill and the team at Afton Dental, a bridge has several health benefits for our patients. The benefits of dental bridges near me include:

  • Better chewing
  • An improvement in speaking
  • Limit changes to the shape of your face
  • Prevents shifting teeth

At Afton Dental, we understand you are concerned about the way missing teeth will affect your oral health. Changes to the shape of your face or the way you speak can be worrying.

Our team at Afton Dental will work with you to find the best option for your teeth. Call Afton Dental and book your appointment with Dr. Hill to discuss the right dental bridges to improve your smile.