Sedation Dentistry in Charlottesville

Sedation Dentistry Makes Oral Care Comfortable for All

Going to the dentist sometimes maintains a stigma of anxiety. While all dental procedures are performed with the utmost care and numbing applications, sometimes patients still find themselves uncomfortable with certain procedures. This is when sedation dentistry can help. 

Those who can benefit most from this type of oral health work include:

  • Those who have apprehension about specific procedures
  • Those who are fearful or anxious about visiting the dentist
  • Those who can't sit still for long periods of time

What Is Sedation Dentistry?

Most people are familiar with the concept of sedation for surgical procedures like appendectomies and heart surgeries. However, the same concept can be applied to the dental procedures that Dr. Hill performs. He currently offers two forms of sedation: inhaled sedation and oral sedation. 

Inhaled sedation is the most commonly used form of sedation and is sometimes referred to as laughing gas. It's comprised of nitrous oxide that's administered via a very small mask that goes over your nose. This gas works great to increase your pain threshold and calm your nerves. Contrary to what many believe, inhaled sedation doesn't put you to sleep as general anesthesia does. 

Rather, it provides your body with an overall numbing sensation. You'll still be able to talk actively with Dr. Hill throughout the procedure. Once your procedure is complete, the small mask will be removed, and you'll be back to feeling like yourself in a matter of minutes.

Oral sedation also referred to as anxiolysis, is a light form of sedation that is used to help patients who are undergoing long procedures. This form of sedation is administered orally and will provide your body with a massive feeling of relaxation. Many patients report feeling very sleepy. Unlike inhaled sedation, it takes a few hours for the effects of oral sedation to fade away after your dental procedure is completed.

What Are the Key Benefits of Sedation Dentistry?

Before you start looking for a sedation dentist near me, it can be very helpful to first understand the key benefits that this type of dentistry can provide you with. Probably the most widely named benefit of this type of dentistry is that it works to ease anxiety and fear about oral health procedures. Instead of being uneasy throughout an entire procedure, you can feel calm and relaxed. 

When you opt for sedation dentistry, it actually makes the procedure go smoother for Dr. Hill. Sedation helps to reduce your body's natural reflexes, like tightening your jaw or gagging. When there are fewer interferences during the procedure, he can work much faster to complete it. 

Sedation Dentist Near Me

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