Dental Bonding in Huntersville

The Many Benefits of Esthetic Dental Bonding

Esthetic bonding is a very affordable way to enhance the look and strength of your teeth. The bonding process can be used to correct misshapen teeth to provide a more uniform look that you'll love. Dental bonding will do wonders for enhancing your self-confidence, and you'll likely find that you smile more often when you have more confidence in the look of your smile.

Many people don't realize that esthetic dental bonding can be done to enhance the appearance of your front teeth without having to pay for veneers or crowns. Dr. Hill will simply utilize the composite resin mixed in a whiter shade to create a façade for each of your front teeth. This can not only provide you with a whiter smile but one that is more aesthetically pleasing. Additionally, esthetic bonding can be done in one visit compared to multiple visits for getting new veneers installed on your teeth.

How Does Dental Bonding Work?

Esthetic dental bonding is a relatively simple procedure that can restore the overall look of your teeth. In most cases, you won't even need to undergo anesthesia as the procedure will be relatively pain-free. You'll want to plan for about 30 to 60 minutes per tooth that you're having bonding done on.

Dr. Hill will mix up the composite resin and match it to the color of your existing teeth. Next, they'll roughen up the surface of your existing tooth to help ensure that the composite resin will bond effectively. Next, a liquid conditioning serum is applied to the tooth, and, finally, the resin is applied. Dr. Hill will actively mold and smooth the resin to create the perfect shape for your needs.

Next, a light or laser will be utilized to harden the composite bonding material. If any additional shaping or trimming needs to be done, Dr. Hill will do that. Lastly, they'll polish the surface of your bonded tooth to ensure that it has a sheen very similar to your existing teeth.

Dental Bonding After-Care Instructions

After you undergo the esthetic bonding process, you'll likely be wondering how you're supposed to care for your enhanced tooth. Apart from avoiding harmful practices like chewing ice, biting fingernails, or chewing on pens, there are really no special care practices that you need to do. Simply make sure that you brush your bonded tooth at least twice a day and get bi-annual cleanings.

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