Dental Extractions in Huntersville

Tooth Extraction Near Me in Huntersville

While "permanent" teeth are expected to last, the truth is that sometimes they experience issues and have to be removed. If you've been searching for "tooth extraction near me," you can turn to our team at Afton Dental. Dr. Bryan Hill and his team are ready to welcome new patients and have worked hard to create a practice where all of our patients feel comfortable.

Common Reasons for Tooth Extractions

It's important to try to preserve natural teeth whenever possible, but sometimes dental extractions are recommended by Dr. Hill. Here are some of the reasons:

  • Severe damage or decay
  • Infection or risk of infection
  • Crowded mouth

Teeth can be damaged in collisions or accidents. Whether a tooth has been physically damaged from an impact or whether there is decay inside the pulp, this damage can sometimes be severe. Also, if there's an infection, this could be particularly problematic. That's because infections in teeth can potentially spread to other areas of the body. Patients with compromised immune systems or who are otherwise medically vulnerable may need to have teeth removed as a preventive measure. 

Finally, some patients in Huntersville need dental extractions because their mouths don't have enough space for every tooth. For instance, wisdom teeth often don't have enough space to fully emerge, and sometimes, teeth have to be removed in preparation for orthodontic treatment. 

How Are Tooth Extractions Conducted?

We know that you'll likely have a lot of questions if an extraction is recommended or brought up in a consultation. Rest assured that Dr. Hill will work carefully and precisely during this procedure, and know that many of our patients have had to have dental extractions.

An anesthetic is used to numb the area where the tooth is located. In some situations, other sedation medications or stronger anesthesia are used as well. Dr. Hill will then use specialized tools to loosen the tooth and remove it from its socket. The socket will be cleaned and disinfected, and stitches may be used to speed up the healing process. Our team at Afton Dental will send you home with gauze and instructions as to how you can care for yourself. In general, you'll want to take it easy and eat soft foods for a day or so after the procedure.

Need a Tooth Extraction Near Me?

At Afton Dental, we offer tooth extractions and many other services that our patients can benefit from. If you're experiencing problems with one or more of your teeth, please reach out to us. We have a convenient location in Concord, and Dr. Hill is ready to put his skills and knowledge to use to help you. Call for an appointment.