Teeth Whitening in Huntersville

Does Professional Teeth Whitening Really Provide Instant Results?

It's not uncommon to look in the mirror or see yourself smiling in a picture and notice that your teeth really aren't that white. In fact, it's not unusual for teeth to become yellow over time due to aging or bad habits. This can have you searching for professional teeth whitening near me.

How Does Teeth Whitening Work

If you've ever tried to whiten your teeth at home, you know that there are many products available. Some include whitening toothpaste, whitening mouthwash, whitening strips, paint-on whiteners, and tray bleaching. While all these options may work over time to help make your smile a bit whiter, none of them tend to offer instant whitening results.

This is where professional whitening comes into play. When you visit Dr. Hill they will utilize a whitening gel and a whitening lamp to provide an effective experience. Most whitening visits take about 90 minutes to complete and provide you with immediate results. There's no need to constantly use whitening strips or toothpaste. With in-office whitening, you can get a brighter smile that you'll love.

Top Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening

Before you go searching for professional teeth whitening near me, it can be very helpful to understand the various benefits that you can gain from this cosmetic dental procedure. First and foremost, it will provide you with thorough whitening results. Unfortunately, when you utilize at-home whitening products, they tend to provide uneven whitening. With our professional whitening services performed by Dr. Hill, you can be assured that your whole smile will look evenly brighter.

As soon as you look in the mirror after your whitening procedure, we're sure that you'll experience a boost of self-confidence. A whiter smile has the power to provide you with more confidence and you will want to smile more often. If you've spent years hiding your smile due to your discolored teeth, our whitening procedure will have you living a happier and healthier lifestyle.

Another great benefit of professional whitening services is that they provide instant results. When you come into our office, Dr. Hill  will have your teeth whiter within 90 minutes. There's no need to wait weeks for a whitening product to work. We can provide you with a brighter smile in just over an hour, and you'll leave our office looking and feeling great.

Professional Teeth Whitening Near Me

Afton Dental serves residents throughout Huntersville and the surrounding areas for all their dental health needs. Simply contact us today to schedule your next whitening appointment and see how effective this procedure is on your own smile!