Sedation Dentistry in Huntersville

Looking for a Sedation Dentist Near Me?

At Afton Dental, one service that we offer is sedation dentistry. This type of approach to dentistry can ensure that you'll be calm and relaxed during treatment. You'll be able to handle the procedure better, and as a result, everything can go more smoothly. Your search for a sedation dentist near me can end with a call to our office in Concord. We work with patients from Huntersville and other surrounding communities, and we're always happy to welcome new people to our practice.

Why Choose Sedation Dentistry?

Preventive dental care is important, as is addressing certain issues before they get worse. The reality is, though, that some people are so nervous about a visit to the office that they push back their appointments. Instead of being hesitant about coming to our practice, you can feel reassured. Our dentist, Dr. Bryan Hill, works closely with our staff to gently care for our patients. 

The environment in our office is peaceful, and we want everyone to feel comfortable. We offer sedation dentistry to help people ease their nerves. It can also be useful when a long treatment is prescribed, since we understand that it can be hard to sit still and follow directions, keeping your mouth open, for such a long time. This type of dentistry may be suggested for those of you who have a low pain tolerance as well.

How Sedation Dentistry Works

There are two main ways in which we can deliver sedation medications to our patients at Afton Dental. One is through oral medication, and the other is through inhaled medication. The oral medication is in the form of a pill, usually, and you'd take the pill about an hour or so before your treatment begins. The effects are long-lasting, and you may be drowsy after we're all finished. However, you'll be awake the whole time and will be able to interact with us.

The inhaled medication would be delivered through a mask that we'd place over your nose. The mask gives you nitrous oxide, which is often referred to as laughing gas. As its common name might suggest, nitrous oxide makes you relaxed and more at ease. It kicks in quickly, and after we've stopped giving it to you, you'll soon be back to normal.

These medications work by slowing certain things down in your body, but they keep you alert and responsive. They're very safe to use and are commonly taken advantage of by patients at Afton Dental.

A Sedation Dentist Near Me

Afton Dental is your local resource for dental care. Dr. Hill and his staff are ready to work closely with you. Call to set up an appointment.